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How-to: Replacing clutch slave cylinder

From: "Scott U" <gr8scott95@hotmail>
To: list@gti-vr6
Subject: Clutch problems fixed!! (long)
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 15:53:48 -0500
Well, I finally got around to working on my clutch problem about a week ago.

My clutch would fall to the floor and I would have to pump it back
up to get enough pressure to shift. I could bleed the clutch and it
would be ok for a day or so. I wasn't loosing any fluid though.

I bought a clutch master & slave cylinder and a power bleeder from for $199 total including shipping. I was really
dreading putting the master cylinder in as it appears to be a little
hard to get to.

I decided to replace the slave cylinder first because it was easier to
get to. It was pretty easy to get off. You need a 11mm wrench to loosen
the bleeder valve, a 12mm wrench to loosen the hose coming from the
master cylinder, and a 13mm wrench or driver with wobbly thingy on it.

The slave cylinder is sticking off the driver's side of the
transmission. Just undo the hose at the slave cylinder coming from
the master cylinder, then there are just 2 13mm bolts holding the
slave cylinder into the transmission.

Once I got the cylinder off, I noticed the ruber seal that is around
the rod that moves in and out of the cylinder was ripped and the rod
would just fall out the the cylinder. This made me all excited. I
thought that maybe I could just get away with replacing the slave

I installed the new slave cylinder, and then bled the clutch with my
new power bleeder. I also bled ALL the brakes in about 5 minutes!!!

(If you don't have a power bleeder, get one NOW!! It was the best
$40 I've spent in a while.)

After I finished bleeding everything, I cranked it up and mashed the
clutch. It was still flat. I pumped it up a few times and it felt
better. I turned it off and bled it one more time. Cranked it up and
it was SOLID, rock solid. I don't think I can remember it ever being
that hard.

About 2 weeks later, it is still solid and has not leaked any.

Scott Ulrich
95 GTI VR6

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